We’re excited about the progress we’ve made and the progress yet to come as I run for re-election as Arkansas State Representative, District 84. My wife Leeann and I love Arkansas. We moved to Fayetteville in 1996 and live in the same house we bought then.  When we arrived, Jordan was 3 ½ and the triplets were under 2.  It has been wonderful raising our children in Fayetteville.

I care about all the people in our community, Fayetteville, Greenland, Northwest Arkansas and beyond.  My focus has been and continues to be improving the quality of the lives of the people in District 84.  I believe we do that by continuing to turn Arkansas into a Good Jobs Magnet. 

A good job means people can work and earn the money they need to have a good life.  More good jobs means the state collects the taxes we need to provide essential services.  And more Good Jobs means we can cut TAX RATES as we grow the economy and government takes a “smaller slice” of a “large and growing economic pie.”

Arkansas income taxes are the highest in our region. Since I passed the first income tax rate reduction in Arkansas history in 2013, the Governor and legislature have cut income tax rates two additional times. We started by reducing income taxes for middle income and low income payers by a total of over $200 million!  Next, I am focused on cutting the top income tax rate from 6.9% to 6.0% or less to make us more competitive for jobs with surrounding states.

I’m proud of my service in the legislature.  I have been an effective conservative leader because I listen to input and the ideas of others.  I also think about the short and long term impacts of proposed legislation and discuss my ideas with others.  The bottom line is that I have been able to help pass into law important policies that are turning our state into a Good Jobs Magnet by:  Improving education; Reducing excessive taxation, regulation and litigation; and Creating the Private Option/Arkansas Works healthcare innovation.

In the state legislature I’ve served as Chairman of the Revenue & Taxation committee, House Co-Chairman of the Joint Legislative Healthcare Reform Task Force and I am currently serving as Chairman of the House Insurance & Commerce committee. 

Thank you for visiting. I have established a record of effective, conservative leadership which adds to my record of service to our country in the US Navy and success in corporate America and business ownership. I am the conservative, articulate, energetic leader that Arkansas needs, to continue becoming a Good Jobs Magnet and moving toward a better quality of life for all of us.

 If you have any questions or want to reach me directly, my cell is 479 283-9303. I am asking for your support.  If you can contribute to the campaign or volunteer, I appreciate your help.  Most of all I’m asking for your vote.  I humbly ask you to consider my qualifications and the results I’ve delivered to benefit the people.  Please, let me continue to serve you. 

Thank you!

Charlie Collins

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